Word from the Principal of Preparatory and Secondary stages  

Choosing a high school which gives you the opportunity to be motivated, happy, challenged and supported is the most important thing to make sure your years as a young adult set you up for a full life.

In Kenana we know that having the right balance of academics, sporting, cultural and social opportunities creates an environment where learning comes naturally. Our teachers understand that everyone learns differently and encourage you to approach tasks with an open mind.

Communication with parents is essential to us, in maintaining the links in our community, and making sure that every student is on the receiving end of support and guidance to make sure they are getting the best out of our school.

Mr. Mona Elesnawy

Principal of the Preparatory and Secondary Department 


Stage policy


This is the most challenging period in students’ life. They have different view, hopes and ambitions

In Kenana schools we have supportive and positive relationships between our students and their teachers.

We completely understand their needs and energy in this stage

We continue to build upon and develop the skills, values, attitudes, attributes and knowledge they have gained in the previous stages.

We offer learning and activity opportunities outside classrooms which take advantage of our excellent facilities

Through our high academic program, sports competitions and musical events, we deepen students’ understanding of themselves and the world around them

At the end of this stage, our students will be moving to their universities and we are confident they are committed to the traditional values, honesty, integrity and respect