Word from the Principal of KG’s stage

It’s just a job of our heart, since we are dealing with those little people
They feel well and understand but first of all they return all love and care given to them .Its all a well built teamwork, they play their melody they all are in harmony together
We are shaping our marbles , that’s the name of the game
International Schools of Kenana We fulfill the dream!

Mrs Nora Fahmy

Principal of KG’s Department


Behavior policy

We never administer physical punishment or any form of punishment causing pain or humiliation. Hitting and hurting are ALWAYS WRONG and unacceptable.


To be honest and polite are our important aims


Stage policy

The early educational years in child’s life makes him/her feel secured and that all their dreams can be fulfilled

In Kenana we work on discovering each and every child’s hobbies and special talents. We enrich those talents to grow to be tomorrow’s generations

– we offer stimulating resources, and rich learning opportunities where everyday is a new adventure for your child. your child will be given challenging, playful opportunities across the three prime areas of the curriculum: Personal Social and Emotional Development


Core subjects

English- Math- Arabic and religion


Elective subjects

Choose oral French or oral German


Student Evaluation

We evaluate our students every 45 days in all what they were taught by letter

Example: letter “S”

  • Can the child recognize the letter?
  • Can he/she read it ?
  • Can he/she pronounce it ?

When they are taught four or five letters, then we can blend and form words

In this case the evaluation is:

  • Can the child blend letters to form a word?
  • Can the child read it?
  • Can the child write it
  • Can the child re-arrange the letters to from other words ?