In 1996, the School came into being by Dr. Fawzi Salama Abu Amra and Dr. Wedad Ewida to offer a high quality education to the middle class people, without the high costs of private schools similar to those their own children were educated at. Another reason is the chance to be able to make a difference to the future generations by offering a high level of education to help them later on in life as they enter universities and the world of business.

Below is a list of the board members of the school:

  • Fawzi Salama
  • Wedad Ewida
  • Talaat Fawzi
  • Usama Fawzi
  • Enas Fawzi
  • Omar Fawzi

The school serves the population of Cairo and all the adjacent suburbs. The school’s culture is one of the most solid points of strength in the school. The leaders and the school staff work within an atmosphere of harmonious collaboration and ethical communication. The benefit of the students is given special attention by all the working staff and leaders. The students collaborate with the school in events in a friendly and entertaining atmosphere that demonstra

the leadership skills and community respect.