School disciplinary code

Students are expected to demonstrate their best behaviors through the following guidelines:

    1. Be honest in my statements and actions.
    2. Respect themselves, the school staff, and fellow students.
    3. Respect the beliefs of others.
    4. Attend school and classes regularly, on time and be prepared to learn
    5. Demonstrate positive behavior and language and cooperation with all members of the school community
    6. Display good conduct and sportsmanship at school, on the bus, and at all school activities.
    7. Respect the property of others.
    8. Work to the best of their ability.
    9. Use criticism in a helpful manner.
    10. Promote school cleanliness and the upkeep of school property.
    11. Make substitute teachers and visitors feel welcome.
    12. Support school activities.


School Uniform


  • Schools uniform is strictly observed everyday. The uniform has to be in a presentable condition, clean and ironed. Shoes have to be polished
  • Pupils need to wear black shoes and white socks to complement their school uniform.
  • . Girls with long hair must tie their hair back neatly using soft elastic bands in accordance with the school Health and Safety policy.
  • Boys must have their hair cut regularly to an appropriate length.
  • Wearing jewelry is totally forbidden. Thus, the school is not responsible for items of such value if they are lost
  • Earrings can be worn to school and girls are only permitted to wear studs (earrings that do not go beyond the ear lobe). Other earrings such as hoops can be a hazard and unsafe when your child is playing.
  • Watches may also be worn but they are the responsibility of the pupil.
  • Items such as mobiles, I-pods, laptops, playing cards, toys and magazines are strictly forbidden at school and will be confiscated



School bus regulations:

Parents are kindly requested to abide by the following rules and regulations to ensure the safety of their children and the convenience of the service

  • Your child should be always waiting for the bus a few minutes before the appointed time in the morning
  • Waiting for your child (KG/Primary) , in the afternoon at the time pre-set for the drop off is mandatory
  • No one is allowed to stay after 2:30 at school for the child’s welfare and safety (unless the child has after school activity)
  • Misbehavior in the school buses will be treated in exactly the same manner as misbehavior in school. Consequences for inappropriate behavior on the school bus may include a loss of bus privilege for 1-2 weeks or longer if the misbehavior continues. When bus privileges are removed, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide transportation during that period.